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Radar Frist layer Slalom

CHF 69.00

Art-Nr. 6969

Radar XCaliber 67

CHF 399.00

Art-Nr. R172016

HO Freeride 69

CHF 599.00

Art-Nr. 599

Jobe Allegre 59 Combo

CHF 339.00
This Allegre pair of injection molded recreational combo skis is perfect for both combo skiing as well as entry-level slalom skiing! Its foam lined horse shoe bindings are adjustable and its tunnelled bottom provides all the needed stability.

Art-Nr. 339

Radar Senate Carbon 69

CHF 949.00

Art-Nr. 949

Radar Butterknife

CHF 549.00

Art-Nr. 549

HO Hot Shot Trainers

CHF 279.00

Art-Nr. 259