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Ronix Scepter Nr. 1849

CHF 1849.00
CHF 1490.00 statt
As a flat-water paddleboard company, Ronix recognizes stability as the single most important attribute of a board. They pride themselves in optimistically stating "your grandma could race you on your board!" The new Scepter continues their Tradition of "the easiest board you could ever ride". The base shape and rocker line are wide and smooth for balance, yet free on the water for long glides between paddle strokes. The tip shape easily absorbs rough water chop and sits high enough to clear oncoming boat rollers. If you are familiar at all with the shape of a paddleboard you'll know that the top deck is similar to that of a surfboard. The surface you stand on is a gradual downward curve toward the waterline. This puts your feet at a high degree of inversion (or supination). Meaning that you stand on the outside of your feet, immediately causing fatigue and reducing strength and comfort. This is no way to spend your leisure time or exercise with painful feet. The recessed deck of the Scepter is completely flat out to the rail, so you always stand flat. Plus you're lowered into the board, closer to the water, lowering your center of gravity, giving leverage on your strokes. Paddle more efficiently and comfortably on the Scepter.